Parallel Projects

artAmari occasionally selects project proposals relating to the long history of the island of Crete and more specifically the Minoan civilisation. 

These are the Parallel Projects.  We facilitate their realisation in the exact same way as with regular residencies.

artAmari presents its 2nd Parallel Project:

The Nomadic Labyrinth by Spanish/American Paz de la Calzada / May 2015

The artist states:

“Labyrinths have become an important source of inspiration in my creative process over the course of my career as an artist. I am profoundly moved by their meaning and intricacy, and the capacity of labyrinths to create sacred space.

My current project,The Nomadic Labyrinth, is a mobile labyrinth. I created an interactive sculpture of precisely hand cut carpet as a walkable path for the public to explore as an urban meditation. Over the past year and a half, through several installations, community members and museum visitors have been invited to explore, walk, or meditate in the labyrinth and experience art as a transformative tool. For me the creation of labyrinths is an ongoing project that not only brings people together in a playful way in dialogue with urban space, but also allows me to explore the integration of drawing and architecture as well as the relationship between art and spirituality, daily life and ritual.

As I follow my personal interest in ritual, labyrinths and public art, a retreat to Crete—the land of the 7 circuit classic labyrinth- will significantly help me manifest these ideas into my public and personal art practice.”

artAmari presents its 1st Parallel Project:

Viaggio a Hierapytna by Italian Lorenzo Bruschini / September 2014

The artist states:

“All along my artistic path I’ve been drawing and painting the mythological figure of the Minotaur and symbols relating to the labyrinth. I’ve had the idea of a project centering on an artist’s journey to ancient Crete, which in 2011, I called Viaggio a Hierapytna and began developing it.

Why Hierapytna? Hierapytna-Sacred Stone, represents the symbolic destination of my journey. It is the ideal place, both physically and spiritually, for the artistic experience I want to realise: an itinerary taking me back in time, allowing me to explore through drawing, painting and poetry the archetype of indestructible life which is the never-ending spring of creation.

The voyage from Rome to Crete will consist of a triple itinerary:geographical/historical/internal.”

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