Resident Artists:

2017B Ruth Weigand-Germany       

2017A Gaspar Acebo-Argentina      

           Marcos Mangani-Argentina  

2016B Panagiotis Voulgaris-Greece

           Dimitra Maltabe-Greece       

           Lea Petrou-Greece               

           Angeliki Douveri-Greece     

2016A Hadas Tapouchi-Poland/Israel

2015B Ivana Ivkovic-Serbia             

2015A El Ka Duet-France/Belgium    

2014B Ana Lucia Mariz-Brazil          

2014A Jennie Booth-USA                

2013B Gonzalo Paramo-Spain         

2013A Blanka Amezkua-Mexico       


Parallel Projects:

2015A Paz de la Calzada-Spain/USA

2014B Lorenzo Bruschini-Italy         


Art Spaces in Crete:

(Rethymno) Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete:

(Hania) Olivepress Art Factory:

(Herakleio) Viannos Gallery “Savvas Petrakis”:

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