Gonzalo Paramo’s work at artAmari by art historian V. Vayenou

“The peculiar artworks that Gonzalo Paramo created during his residency at ArtAmari in Crete in the fall of 2013, all inspired by tools and vessels used traditionally for the production of oil, seem to be in tune with the specific long-standing inquiries of his artistic expression: the search for the systems that develop between the designing and the material relations and the internal organization that sustains and brings them to life. The materials and tools he uses are simple – ‘primitive’, such as wooden surfaces, different sorts of paper, glue, rice paper, linos, acrylics, ink, cutters, chisel and rope, but it is exactly this material and gestural emphasis that characterizes his work that offers an elucidating example of the ways in which the mastery of his chosen artistic technique serves the successful materialization of his personal visions. The interdependence between the materials and the forms created is firm, as    Continue reading