Amari is a mountainous area of approx. 500 ms altitude, on the foothills of Psiloritis mountain, (also known by its ancient name, Mount Ida, birthplace of Zeus), with traditional villages untouched by tourism, right next to the historic Arcadi monastery, in the centre of Rethymno prefecture. This is quite an isolated area with most people not speaking English.


This residency is run by an artist whose role is that of a project manager. The project manager is your contact person for the implementation of your project and is in close collaboration with you for the whole duration of the residency. The project manager: is your translator, your area guide, is arranging meetings with people that are key for the progress of the project, is documenting the development of the residency and also works with you on designing the school workshop (based on your idea) and structuring your artist’s talk. We do our best to help you make new, interesting work, hopefully a complete project, and we ask that you are collaborative, embrace our effort and work towards further promoting it.

The residency is open to contemporary visual artists of any medium and age, residing outside of Greece.

The artists will have a unique opportunity to experience local life first hand and be inspired from so many diverse areas of interest on a location that is completely on the crossroads of three continents and has been bringing together cultural elements from all of them since very old times.

We would like to introduce artists to this amazing place and culture but also introduce the locals to contemporary art. We aspire for the visiting artists to interact with the locals so that they understand and embrace the “ways” of contemporary art. The area is quite isolated but highly inspiring, which means it is perfect for artists that seek the focus and concentration to take their practice further.


-Artist talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rethymno.

-Children’s Workshop in a local school.

Artists are encouraged to leave a work made during the residency to artAmari with the aim to have a group exhibition of the participant artists in the city of Rethymno. In the meantime the first exhibition of the works was orginised in Athens in 2015. For more about that go to our Time Regained page.


3 1/2 weeks in either late Spring or October.


Although we make an effort to provide  sponsored accommodation at a local guest house/hotel and we often succeed, we cannot guarantee it and we suggest to include accommodation expenses in your budget.


Although we make an effort to provide  sponsored flights for our resident artists and we usually succeed, we cannot guarantee them and we suggest to include travel expenses in your budget.

Transportation on the island:

A car is necessary for the implementation of the residency. artAmari provides local transportation for the duration of the residency (around the area and to the nearest town of Rethymno) for the purposes of the residency, but the gas cost is paid by the artist.

In case the artist wants to travel further on the island they can arrange that outside the period of the residency (either before or after) and with their own transportation arrangements. Of course we can provide help and advice on those arrangements.

Standard costs paid by artist:

Food and materials are paid by the artist.


Artists are advised to seek funding at their country of origin. We provide reference letters to the artists upon request in the occasion they want to apply for grants.

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